We cover Peterborough City Centre and surrounding villages

The areas we cover

We are based in Peterborough and cover Peterborough and its surrounding areas, regularly distributing in Stamford, the Deepings and Bourne.

Other areas we cover are Whittlesey, March and Huntingdon to name a few. 

Get in touch today to see what immediate availability we have or to book the areas for your leaflet campaign.

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GPS Tracking

We use G.P.S tracking to monitor our distributors and ensure your leaflet campaign is delivered correctly for maximum effect. The trackers we use are specifically designed for this kind of work and are capable of giving us our distributors location as often as every 5 seconds as well as providing us with a full report of the area covered at the end of the day... so you can relax in the knowledge that your marketing material is in safe hands.

We use a tracking app specifically designed for this kind of work. It allows us to watch in real time and see our distributors location.

Map view of one of the GPS tracker routes in progress.

Zoomed in satelite view of one of the completed leaflet distributions. This shows you exactly where they have distributed to in great deatail.

Another satelite view showing the completed tracked distribution. These are used daily to make sure no parts of the allocated maps are missed.