Terms and Conditions

  1. We offer a pre-paid distribution service and all distributions must be paid for in advance by the due date on the invoice.
  2. Interest may be charged if we do not receive payment by the due date stated on the invoice. 
  3. We require a minimum of 7 days notice if you wish to cancel any part or all of your distribution, 7 days will be from the expected start date of your distribution. Any refund or part refund where less than 7 days notice is given will be made at our discretion.
  4. The expected start date of your distribution is an estimate and we reserve the right to change this in order to meet our scheduling requirements or due to bad weather, staffing levels or anything else beyond our control. In the event your leaflet is time sensitive or has a specific date on it then we will endeavour to complete your distribution on any agreed schedule but in the event of any delays we will not offer compensation for any costs you incure. We recommend that any time sensitive bookings are made and paid for well in advance and ample time is allowed for leaflet print and delivery.
  5. Any delays in us recieving leaflets for a distribution that is caused by yourself that results in the distribution being cancelled with less than 48 hours notice then any part or full refunds will be made at our discretion.