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When sitting to write a job description I was thinking of all the reasons why working with us is great. And decided to let one of our distributors tell you a little about their job description and what it entails.

So this is what Yvette had to say.

"You need to be reasonably fit to this job, although you don't need to be superman!! Chris and Sonya start you off with fairly small areas to build up your walking distances and you soon get into a good pace. Being able to read simple maps is a must- these will be your bible, as is a friendly demeanour and good attitude.

Some days are harder than others, the weather may be against you, or you may have blisters on your feet- This job requires determination and positive mental attitude to get you through the day.

On the plus side, you will feel fitter than ever before, you will be delivering to some beautiful areas and the sense of satisfaction at the end of the day is immense!"

If this sounds like a good fit for you we can do an initial trial shift.

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