Make a Splash with Chris' Local Leaflet Distribution

Raise your profile in Peterborough and surrounding areas through leaflet distribution

What are our prices?

Our prices are competitive and we offer 3 types of distribution.


Are you considering doing a leaflet drop?  Have some questions? Check out our FAQ'S to see if the answer is there.

The areas we cover

New Areas being added all the time. Is the Area you want to target on our list? Take a look.


How many leaflets delivered last week

How many leaflets have we delivered last week? Can we beat it this week?

Leaflets delivered in 2023 so far......

Since January 1st 2023 until this week the team have distributed this many leaflets.

Leaflets delivered in total in 2022

We delivered a lot of leaflets in 2022, So close to hitting 4 million. What will the total be in 2023?

Most steps walked by Chris in one day

Can Chris beat his own record? How many steps can he do in 1 day whilst distributing?